Xerox High-Volume
Production Printing Solutions

XMC helps organizations acquire, deploy, and install cutting-edge production print solutions designed to meet their business needs to the letter. With our team of imaging experts on your side, finding the right production print equipment is simple.

For light production printing and heavy-duty, high-volume projects alike, Xerox’s catalog of printing presses has a competitively priced, expertly engineered option. Additionally, you can enjoy access to time-saving in-line finishing options and modern automation to improve the efficiency of your most critical printing tasks.

Xerox equipment represents the most sophisticated level of engineering on the market when it comes to efficiency and print quality. Simplify and enhance your printing capabilities with any of the iconic manufacturer’s print hardware options.

Light Production Printers

Xerox light production printers are ideal for small businesses and individual enterprise departments with demanding print needs. Choose from the monochrome workhorses in the Xerox D-Series or incorporate a full-scale color multifunction solution with the industry-leading Xerox Versant 180.

Xerox D-Series

D series printer

The Xerox D95, D110, and D125 offers three levels of printing speed, from 95 to 125 pages per minute. These monochrome printers are compatible with a broad range of finishing options and offer integrated copy and print server functionality.

Xerox C60 and C70

New printer product

Xerox’s light production color printers are ideal for offices and print shops that need flexibility and power in the production environment. Both the C60 and C70 feature multifunction capabilities, including copying, scanning, and Xerox ConnectKey functionality.

Xerox Versant 180

Xerox v180 color press

The Versant series offers light production printing in ultra-high definition resolution with cutting-edge automation. The Versant 180 is Xerox’s most powerful and versatile multifunction printer.

Production Class Printers

The most demanding print environments require the most reliable equipment. When it comes to high-volume projects numbering in the millions of images per month, only Xerox’s top-of-the-line production printing solutions will do. The Xerox Nuvera series offers unprecedented speed and image quality, while the Iridesse allows for unmatched versatility in the production format.

Xerox Versant 3100

Xerox Versant 3100

The Versant 3100 eschews the scanning and copying functionalities of its smaller cousin in favor of pure printing power. It is the first step into Xerox’s production class machines, with fully automated color calibration and the ability to remove its own paper jams.

Xerox Nuvera Series

Xerox nuvera series printer

The entry-level production class Nuvera 100 is designed to handle one million images per month and supports a broad range of specialty media. On the other end of the spectrum, the Xerox Nuvera 314 is designed for four times the workload and prints at an extraordinary 314 images per minute, making it one of the fastest printers on the market.

Xerox Iridesse

Xerox iridesse printer

The Xerox Iridesse is a powerful printing press that incorporates extra production-level ink capabilities in addition to the standard CMYK format. Iridesse users can print using white, clear, silver, or gold dry inks on a wide variety of media, gaining the upper hand in the industry-wide competition for print versatility and eye-catching imagery.

Xerox iGen 150

Xerox iGen 150

The flagship iGen series is as iconic as the manufacturer’s brand itself. The iGen 150 is designed to support up to 3.75 million pages per month and is capable of printing in ultra-high resolution with object-oriented halftoning that automatically selects the appropriate line screen for jobs that mix images and text.

Find the Right Xerox Production Printing Solution for Your Business

Consult with XMC experts before investing in a high-volume production printing device. Capitalize on our experienced assessment of your print environment to maximize the value of your purchase, and make sure you get the most out of your new production printer.