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Technology Solutions You Can Count On

It’s not easy to choose the right technology solutions for your business. Everything matters – from hardware specifications to ease of use, interoperability, and much more.

Not only do you have to equip your team with the best solution for office productivity while protecting sensitive customer data, but you have to project future technology needs and account for them in your current plan.

That’s where XMC comes into the picture. We help our customers make the right choices when it comes to office technology, printing, and document management.

Who is XMC?

From its humble roots as the subsidiary of a larger office supply company, XMC has grown to become the second-largest Xerox office printer dealer in the United States. Our story starts in 1992, the year our founder and chairman Bob Hamilton took full ownership of the company and put the company on a path to growth.

Our goal has been the same since the beginning– to provide our customers with world-class imaging and document management solutions that help them run their businesses more efficiently.

XMC’s Office Technology Solutions Include:

But powerful partnerships with reputable manufacturers is just one driver for our company’s growth. Our talent is key to truly generating customer value. We employ a world-class team of more than 80 highly qualified technical experts and put them to work on our customers’ most challenging business problems.

Our Company Culture Make All the Difference

XMC is more than a simple print dealer. We are a dedicated technology provider whose core values are centered around improving our world one experience at a time.

Our team combines vision, integrity, team mentality, likeability, and an “ALL-in” approach to create value for our customers. We define success through these five characteristics and do our best to demonstrate them in every project we take on.

#1 Xerox Premier Partner in the Southeast

XMC strives to implement best-in-class technology solutions with every print and imaging product it deploys for its customers. This strategy has led us to test and research all of the tech industry’s most reputable brands, and to develop key partnerships with the best manufacturers in the business.

One of these partnerships is with Xerox, who has recognized our success by naming XMC a 14-Star Top Performer – an honor that distinguishes the best performers across the manufacturer’s broad partnership agreements. Only three out of 400 agencies have earned the 14-Star distinction.

Xerox called XMC its Most Innovative Partner of the Year twice in 2017. In July 2018, ENX magazine named XMC one of its National Spotlight Dealers.

#1 premier partner in the southeast.
20+ year winners of Xerox Presidents Club awarded to top 20% partners nationally.

The XMC Satisfaction Guarantee

One of our most important policies is our all-inclusive satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the solution we provide for you, you can have that equipment replaced at no additional charge.

As your technology provider, we take pride in providing installation, education, and maintenance experiences at a high level of satisfaction to meet your specific needs. Whether you need additional features, greater capacity, or more cost-effective hardware, XMC is here to help you derive optimal value from the technology solutions we provide.

It’s time for your company to start using state-of-the-art print and document management technology solutions. Contact an XMC expert to learn more today.