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Running a business is challenging enough; you shouldn't have to waste time and man-hours managing documents. It seems every individual has a different filing method, and that can lead to valuable documents being lost. Approximately 7.5% of documents get lost and 3% of those are misfiled. It costs about $120 in labor simply to find a misfiled document and $220 in labor to reproduce a lost document. Having an efficient document management system is not only more cost-effective, it also provides a level of security, confidentiality and loss prevention that is impossible with traditional paper filing.

ScanSmart's software was designed specifically with high-quantity document businesses in mind. It is great for medical offices, law offices or small businesses. ScanSmart is the easiest and most efficient electronic document management system with a simple scanning and archiving accessory that anyone can use. ScanSmart is also an affordable document management solution.

The ScanSmart archiving process begins and ends in one simple step—scanning your document. Keywords on the document are then identified by the scanner automatically. Even if you already use another document management system, ScanSmart could save your company time and money with its simplified scanning and archiving processes. All you have to do is scan the document; ScanSmart does the rest!

Searching for and editing documents is a breeze with ScanSmart. If you use an internet search engine, you can just as easily find and retrieve a document archived with ScanSmart. This eliminates the issues associated with alternate filing approaches from one employee to another. Not only does ScanSmart make it easy to archive documents, but it makes document protection and preservation an afterthought. ScanSmart automatically backs up to a secure hard drive, preventing costly losses from misfiling or natural disasters. For many companies, this is a necessity. ScanSmart also features a full audit trail, which protects against internal threats by tracking all document changes and identifying the individual who makes those changes. ScanSmart can also automatically adjust documentation to fit compliance measures for certain business types.

ScanSmart uses dynamic security protocols to ensure that valuable documents are not compromised. One of the most important features of ScanSmart security is user-customized access. This means that documents can be shared with certain users and unavailable to others. Level of user access is also customized, so that certain documents may be viewed only by certain users and editable by others.

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